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Betty White Trivia Night (recap)

Betty White
Photo by Alan Light

Congrats to team "Just Men!" on their impressive win at pub trivia this week! If you happened to miss our pre-league (warm up) trivia night, you might have missed out on some fun Betty White-themed trivia. Here are a few of the questions we enjoyed the most. (Click the little arrows for answers.)

White’s very first job in the entertainment & fashion industries was modeling for a department store chain. She earned fifty cents for modeling a dress. What was the name of the department store chain that first put Betty on the map?

Betty White had impeccable taste. Did she prefer Twizzlers or Red Vines?

In this television show, which debuted in 2012, Betty surrounded herself by hot, frequently-shirtless young men, and sent senior citizens out to play pranks on young people. What was the show called?

On the Golden Girls, what was the occupation of Rose’s biological father?

The Golden Girls program was so popular, two shows were spun off: The Golden Palace and Empty Nest. What was the name of the show that was spun off of Empty Nest?

Who is buried next to Allen Ludden?

As a rule, Betty stopped autographing body parts after she was asked to sign which part of the human body?

Beatrice Arthur won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. One was for her work in the Golden Girls. What was the other comedy series?

In the pilot episode of the Golden Girls, the cast of characters included a gay cook, whom Sophia referred to as “the fancy man.” What was this character’s first name?

Depending on how you count the spin-offs, Allen Ludden hosted 9 or more game shows during his television career. Betty White hosted just one, in 1983, for which she won a Daytime Emmy. What was the name of that game show?

How did you do?

Don't forget, pub trivia league play begins on Wednesday, February 1st!


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