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  • Mike @ Commerce Street

Pub Rules

Recently one of our facebook friends reminded us about the pub's stupid "rules" from the old days. Just for fun, I wrote a list of rules for the new days... So forget about the old days and the old rules. Here are the new rules!

1. Drinking at the bar has been permitted – and encouraged – since January 5th, 2018.

2. Almost all of our menu items were designed for easy sharing. Sharing is fun. Be a sharer and try new things and earn all the cool points.

3. Like all good bartenders, our bartenders have no opinion on any of the following topics: politics, religion, High Street reconstruction.

4. The staff here works as a team. If you need anything at all, feel free to ask anyone who looks like they work here.

5. Treat your bartenders like they’re family... from the side of your family you still like.

6. If you start a conversation with “Ya know what you should do...” be prepared to be told what you should do in return.

7. The building and back bar are very old. If you’d like to know about their histories, have a look at the information on the TV screen above the bar. If you would prefer to have a bartender recite the histories of the building and back bar to you, it’ll cost you one beer.

8. If you’re unhappy with the ambient temperature, find happiness in knowing you learned a valuable lesson about your resiliency and self-sufficiency today. Experience tells us it is impossible to appease everyone’s sense of comfort when it comes to temperature.

9. Our kitchen is up a flight of stairs. If you plan to request additional or extra portions of condiments or otherwise have special requests, please try to let us know when you place your order. That will help ensure you get what you need in a timely manner.

10. We’d love for you to write us up a five-star review when you get home. But if your experience wasn’t “five star,” let us know before you leave, so we can do something about it.


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