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Commerce Street Brewery Hotel exterior

About Us

Our History

Commerce Street Brewery Hotel opened as Brewery Creek Inn in 1998. The owners at the time had fallen in love with Mineral Point and our historic building and painstakingly converted its hollow shell into the brewpub & inn concept that continues today. After 20 years, that couple retired and Mike and his dog Octavia became the business's new caretakers (and mascot, respectively).



But our history dates back much further than that...




Our building was constructed in 1854, as a warehouse and dry goods store. Merchant George Cobb (who was, incidentally, Vincent Price's great grandfather) arrived from a mining town in upstate New York to settle in Mineral Point. Newspaper advertisements from the day would periodically announce when a "one-horse cart-load has just arrived" to Cobb's shop, which had carried everything from coffee, sugar, molasses, and flour, to blasting powder and mining tools. 

As the gold rush in California took hold, many of Mineral Point's miners headed west. Within a decade or so, our building took on a new purpose as an agricultural implement store and livestock exchange. Over the next 150-ish years, the building changed hands a few times. It served as a barn, a veterinary clinic, and factory in which newspapers were recycled into residential insulation material. 

Plan your visit to Mineral Point (FAQs)

Hotel Information

Where can I find hotel policies about children, pets cancellations, etc?

Our lodging policies are available online here. And before you ask... we love children and pets, but we do not make exceptions to stated policies, no matter how wonderful your child or pet is. Sorry!

Do you have an elevator or guest rooms on the first floor?

Sorry, no. Our building is quite old and does not have an elevator. All of our guest rooms are on the second and third floors. 

How can I book a room using a gift certificate?

We recommend you check our availability online and call/text/email us when you're ready to book. 

Is breakfast included?

We serve continental breakfast daily, from 8am to 10am. Breakfast typically includes coffee, tea, several kinds of juice, cereal, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, bagels or similar, and some kind of sweet pastry items. If you're looking for a hot breakfast, the Red Rooster, Cafe 43, and the Pointer Cafe are all excellent options in town. 

How do I cancel or modify a reservation?

The easiest and fastest way to cancel or change a booking is by replying to your original confirmation email. If you can't find it, no worries, just contact us by email/phone/text.

Where/how do I check in?

We'll shoot you a note a couple days before your stay with check-in information. But the short answer is: check in at the pub. If the pub is closed, we'll still be there waiting for you.

Do your guest rooms have private bathrooms?

Oh yeah... with oversized whirlpool tubs and carefully curated luxury amenities.

Do you offer discounts for AAA or AARP (etc)?

We try to give everyone our best deal. So, no, your membership won't help you. But the good news is, we often run unadvertised specials that require no codes, coupons, or memberships. Just book online and you'll find our best rates!

Where do you get the macarons?

We like to leave welcome treats for our guests in their rooms on arrival. We are often asked where the macarons come from. The short answer: we get them from a small bakery in Madison, but they only sell to private clients, so you'll just have to come back when you're craving more! Here's a bit of trivia: we give away over 2,000 macarons per year!

Brewpub Information

What is the story of the gorgeous back bar?

The back bar is about 120 years old. It was transported to Mineral Point in 1996. We believe it originally sat in a bar in St. Paul, MN, but the most recent previous owner was a dress shop in a Twin Cities suburb.

What kind of food do you serve?

We serve elevated pub fare. In the spirit of old English pubs, we've worked hard to try to create a social vibe. Sit, drink, eat, stay a while, if you like. We won't rush you. Nearly everything on the menu has been designed for easy sharing. You could think of it as "social food." You can find our current menu here.

Do you sell those awesome beer glasses?

If you've fallen in love with our "Sit! Drink! Good Human!" beer glasses, designed by local artist Keith Huie, you're not alone. The glasses and some other fun merch are available for sale at the bar. 

Do you have outdoor seating?

Oh, that would be nice. But at present, no, we don't have any outdoor space for seating.

Does the pub take reservations?

Nope. But don't worry, we keep things moving, so there's never much of a wait for a table, if any. If you're bringing a group, feel free to email/text us to give a heads-up, but it's not required. We're pretty good at handling small groups. 

What beers and other drinks are available?

We brew our own beer on-site, but we also carry a few guest beers, hard cider, wines, soft drinks, and we have a full bar (Old Fashioned, anyone?!). You can find our current menu here.

Is the pub accessible with a wheelchair?

Yes, the pub is wheelchair accessible. And for that matter, if you need disability assistance, our bartender/servers are always happy to help.

What are the pub's hours?

We post our hours here. Please note that the open time is our actual open time, but the closing time is the kitchen's "last order" time. If people are having fun, our bartenders will hang around longer. But to keep our lodging guests happy, we've got a firm closing time of 9:30pm.

Who is the adorable dog on all the merch?

That's Octavia, our mascot. She is a Carolina dog AKA Native American Dingo. She lives in the hotel upstairs and the staff will tell you, she's the real boss here.

Mineral Point Area Information

What is the Driftless Area?

The Driftless Area comprises SW Wisconsin, SE Minnesota, NE Iowa, and NE Illinois. In short, this is land that was not flattened by glacial movement during the last ice age. The terrain is uncharacteristically hilly and diverse for the Midwest. We like to think of Mineral Point as the heart of the region... a great jumping off point for exploring!

What food/drink options are available?

We'd love for you to stop for a bite or two at the Commerce Street Brewery, but if you're here for a while, there is plenty of variety. Within easy walking distance on Commerce Street lie Tony's Tap (bar & grill), Popolo (pizzeria), Cruise Inn (bar food). Still walkable, on High Street, there is Cafe 43 (breakfast / lunch), Midway (bar & grill usually open 7 days/wk), and the Red Rooster (the quintessential Mineral Point diner, having been continuously open for over 50 years!). In nearby Dodgeville, you will find Bob's Bitchin' BBQ and Corralejo's Mexican Bar & Grill. A bit farther up the road are Arthur's Supper Club (Spring Green) and Hi Point Steak House (Ridgeway).

When is the best time of year to visit Mineral Point?

The answer depends on what you are looking to do. The busiest months seem to be August and October. But if you're into snowmobiling or cross country skiing, we've got great rates for you in the winter! If you're into shopping and gallery-hopping, you'll want to check the Chamber of Commerce's events calendar for "Gallery Nights" and "Fall Art Tour." In general, many shops and eating places are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Is Mineral Point LGBTQ-friendly?

Yes! Despite its small population (around 2,500), Mineral Point has hosted a pride festival for several years. Many residents and business owners count themselves among the LGBT community. Check the Chamber of Commerce calendar for Pride dates.

Where can I find resources about Mineral Point / Wisconsin history?

Pendarvis is run by the Wisconsin Historical Society. That's a great place to begin. But if you're here on a day when they're closed, the Chamber of Commerce has put together a series of historical walking and driving tours you can do on your own. You might also wish to check out the Merry Christmas mine trail.

What outdoor recreational opportunities are there?

The Mineral Point area features tons of outdoor recreational opportunities. The Cheese Country Recreational Trail begins right outside our building. It is open for ATV and snowmobile riding, cross-country skiing, biking, and much more! The Military Ridge trail connects bicyclists from Mineral Point to Madison. Just outside of town, Governor Dodge Park offers everything from hiking and canoeing to camping and snowshoeing. Our guests have also recommended Doby Stables for horseback riding and Madison Fly Fishing if you need a fly fishing guide. (We have no affiliation with any of these people/places.)

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