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The Brewpub

As of August 18, 2021, the brewpub has closed to the general public. Please find a few FAQs below:

Q. Why did the pub close?

A. Between our inability to hire, the absenteeism of employees currently on payroll, and the high expectations of our guests, providing a consistent, quality experience in the pub had become impossible. Adding insult to injury, some guests found it appropriate to leave negative online reviews during this time of both a pandemic and national labor shortage, severely damaging the morale of the overworked management and staff.

Q. Is the hotel still open?

A. Yes, the hotel remains open and we are pleased to invite our lodging guests to join us for brewery tours and tastings in the pub. We continue to offer our lodging guests a delicious continental breakfast each morning.

Q. Will the pub reopen, and if so, when?

A. The pub will never be the same, but we plan to reopen as a "tap room" with drinks and a "small bites" food menu on October 1st.

Q. Is there a silver lining to this change?

A. Limiting our food menu will allow more time to focus on brewing -- something we had unfortunately been forced to neglect since reopening in April. In the near future, we look forward to offering more of our own house beers on tap, and distributing some of our favorite house beers to bars and restaurants around the state!