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Trivia starts next week!

It's finally here... an answer to the third-most asked question on Commerce Street:

When does trivia start?!?


Wednesday, January 18th, at 6:30pm. At the brewpub (that's 23 Commerce Street, obvi).

We'll be kicking off trivia season with a pre-season round (i.e., this one doesn't count toward league standings) with the theme "All things Betty White."

This will be a dust-off-the-cobwebs night for us, so after this round, we'll take a week off to attend to any glitches and write more questions, and then official league play will begin on Wednesday, February 1st.

Here are a few of the rules you might want to know before you arrive:

  • Anyone may play trivia with us, but in order to compete for prizes, you must play on a team of between 2 and 6 players.

  • Your team’s game is considered to be “in play” any time during a round after a question has been read and before your team has turned in its answer sheet for the current round.

    • All electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, smart watches, CBs, walkie talkies, Bluetooth microphones, etc., must be stowed in the bucket on your table while your team’s game is "in play."

    • No player on your team may leave the room while your team’s game is "in play."

  • Misspellings and similar errors will be forgiven, as long as the intent of the answer is clear to our judges, except when a question specifically asks for the spelling of a word. (Hopefully your wounds have healed from the time we asked you to spell "Schenectady.")

  • The judges’ decision on every answer is final, even if the judges are wrong.

  • The kitchen will be open until 8pm. If you'd like something to eat, just let your bartender know!

Can't wait to see you here for Wintertime Trivia!


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